How to make your garden look like paradise?

February 15, 2016

There are few things that you should follow when decorating your garden, but the main rule is to let your imagination loose and experiment with everything.

Play with colors. It doesn’t matter if you like lavender, red rose or irises. Neutral colors of the flowers are perfect for dark angles of your garden. Red, orange and yellow on the other hand are vivid colors, full of energy which can give the garden excitement and they should be placed on central part. Purple and blue with lighter shades can be planted in darker places of the garden. Various shades of colors can influence on the general mood of the people. That’s why you should trust yourself and check how colors influence you; in that way you will know which part of the garden will be for relaxation, which for morning breakfast and which for the afternoon hang out.

peony-picturesDepending on your preferences your garden can look like lush plantation, or clean lines of modern garden creation, English garden, or it can be decorated with style. To create an effect of lush plantations, use plants that look like evergreen bushes, such as peony, rhododendron, hydrangea, or cestrum. Flowers of cestrum during the night emit the scent similar to lilac and they can be up to two meters high. The English garden is based on neatly mowed lawn, darker plants with heavy structure are planted around it and in the background are placed lighter plants with gentle structure. You should set up one part of your garden to plant seasonings, such as mint, oregano, rosemary, basil, marjoram, asparagus and other.

Once you finished with plants it’s time to focus on garden furniture which are important in every decoration. These elements can be all sort of pergolas, sunshades, sofas and different types of flowerpots. If you enjoy in water, you can always make small pond or fountain. What’s most important, every of these elements you can make by yourself. Make bench from wooden boards, paint them, place few pillows on it and your place for rest is ready. Also, if you have old cannikins, you can use them as the flowerpots, just use different paint sprays to decorate them. If you are not into making your own furniture, there are a lot of places nowadays where you can buy it. The offer is so vast, so it would be hard for you to decide which one to choose. Just remember, your furniture should blend with your garden.

Learn how to make an outdoor sofa

This DIY sofa can be made with basic power tools in less than 5 hours. Modern outdoor sofas can be quite expensive and this project can provide a more affordable alternative.

Considering small lake or fountain, you can just dig a hole into the ground in some place of the garden you don’t use, cover it with nylon and fill it with water. There are special lightings that can be placed in the water and they will create magical effect during the night. To make small oasis around the lake and to cover up the rest of the nylon use rocks of different shapes and colors. Plant some bamboo beside the lake and other exotic plants and you will have your small pond done.

You can make small log cabin which will be used only for your relaxation.


And of course, the last advice would be to enjoy in your garden with a cup of hot tea and with a good book.