Men and women needs self-defense. Thanks to martial arts, we can protect ourselves from robbers, bad people and many people who are taking advantage of us. The most important thing that we should know in the discipline of martial arts is that this method is never purposed for creating a mess or damage against someone. This is why martial arts instructor reiterates his or her students to use martial arts only for good and never for bad because a martial arts instructor does not teach people to become evil. Below are the most famous discipline in martial arts:


This is a Korean Martial Arts meaning to kick and to box deriving from the word Tae-foot and kwon-fist. Seeing that there is a need for defending yourself from danger, this taekwondo was initiated. This is one of the most famous martial arts in this age.


A Japanese descent martial arts, originated in Ryukyu Island. This was based also from Chinese Martial arts.


This originated in Japan as the official martial arts of the whole country. It is now known over the world and is adapted by many martial arts instructor in order to develop more skills.



This is an Indonesian martial arts that includes weapon. Pencak focuses on kicking the opponent.


This is  similar with Karate, Judo, Taekwondo because you kick and box your opponent.

Kung Fu

This is a Chinese martial arts made famous by Shaolin.


This is martial art taught by Malayans. This is a little bit unique from other martial arts.


French kickboxing actions