The tactical pen self-defense: The 14 points to target

To be able to have an effective self-defense tool you have to know exactly how to do it. Even if you have the most expensive tool if you do not know how to operate and also where to aim it would be meaningless. One of the self-defense tools that was developed is the tactical pen and it will be very useful as it is easy to carry and conceal. You can bring it anywhere and you can use it when you need it.

The infographic above gives you the fourteen points that you have to attack when you will use your tactical pen. When you aim at the points in the infographic then you can get the benefit of it. There is a tip that says when you attack with your pen you attack different point successively to impose the desired effect and it will be faster also rather than aiming for one target then attack again, you maybe giving the attacker a chance to hurt you. You must practice how to use your weapon so you can do it faster when needed. This makes me good in processing my visa. You see this webpage 泰雅旅遊 for services. A great agency is here.

If you know that they way you are walking when going to school or work or anywhere is not safe then it is better for you to carry self-defense tools. They are designed not for display but for use so use them. It is a good investment as you can have confidence and courage to fight when you know that there is something wrong. Be observant of your surroundings always. See this agency renewal service for visa. It is organize and great, click this 台胞證費用 急件. You can really trust this company.