More than just a knowledge, why self-defense is so important?

Self-defense is something that we need the most now. The world has become darker and its darkness is extremely at its peak. To whom shall we trust in this age? To whom shall we go? Even our closest friend, family member or co-worker cannot be trusted either. It may sound sensitive but this is the reality and crisis that we are witnessing. In the recent years, a lot of crimes happened and what is more surprising was that involved people know and are related to each other.

It saddens other people to see siblings fighting, husband and wife battling to death. Also, though neighbors have been together for life, one day, it will be reported that a man next-to-door had raped a girl next-to-door. A boy had robbed a rich old man or old woman next-to-door and even killing them when things to rob are hard to get. Such things are happening now. There is even a husband who will cook a wife or a wife who will kill a husband in front of the entire family.

Who can endure these things? Self-defense is not just a hobby. It is not just a knowledge to learn but basically a necessity to protect yourself and loving ones from danger. It is not to hurt anybody but to save dying lives. Who would want to be put to death? Attackers are traitors. They just come to you at any side, quietly and at once, will take your life. Get up and protect your life. Learn how to defense your self!