Denial as a self-defense mechanism

Troubles and anxieties in our lives are normal. We can say that they are already part of our lives. We cannot escape such things but what we can do is to skillfully and wisely overcome them. As you know, the sheet between sanity and insanity is just very very thin that someday, our sanity may cross the limit and becomes insanity. Let us learn then how to manage all stresses and emotions that will lead us to deep depression while we are still in the state of sanity.

Being in the state of insanity, we cannot help ourselves anymore. There are various ways to cope up with anxieties or any unbearable situations. It includes sublimation, intellectualizaton, regression, dissociation and so on. With these different kinds of self defense mechanism, let us talk about denial. Denial is a common and typical way for most people to cope with things. It is a practical self defense mechanism that can be learned from early childhood.

Denial as a self defense mechanism is the act of not accepting the reality. For an instance, here is a scenario. A patient was found out to be with a fatal disease. It was discovered that he was already in stage 4. Obviously, when a patient or a disease is in its fourth stage, there is no doubt that it is risky. In order to forget its end result, the patient will deny the situation to cope with it up. He will rather think of the positive ways like he is healthy and that he could live longer. He will forget it for a moment and do not wish to admit.