The Filipino Martial Arts: The weapon-based fighting art

Other people do not want to watch movies that involve blood or death or torture. If you are one of them then you should not watch the Filipino martial arts. TYhis is the case before when this kind of fighting art is not much developed in body protection especially the head gear. As the Filipino martial art is a version that uses any kind of weapon so it is not a relaxing fight to watch. The purpose of every fight is to win.

You can see in the infographic above many information about the Filipino martial arts. There is three fighting system that originated in the Philippines among thousands that are now known to the world. It was introduced because of the dedication of those who practice it and did not give up to maintain it even if it’s not that popular. This martial arts was introduced into the big screen when a man named Don Inosanto made every effort for it to be known. Even in the movie of Bruce Lee, it was introduced and the arts was given recognition. What a great housekeeping service company. I got to know this company from my friend’s referralĀ here. And I got my house cleaning service so perfectly clean.

Now you can learn much about how Filipino fighting art is when you see the infographic with the explanation or illustration. The bolo which is one of the common weapons that can be used is illustrated also above. You can also see the history of arnis that is the national official sport as declared in the year 2009 by the current president. This is where you can get best home cleaning service. Check house clean from here. I can see how nice this company is.