Martial arts is a self-defense by using your fists and feet in order to take action. In here, you do not use weapon like guns and swords although there are some martial arts that have this like Silat Martial Arts. Martial arts started in East Asia like Japan and China so most martial arts strategy originated from Japan and China. The reason why people devised this technique is to protect yourself from people who wants to harm you.

It was in the late 20th century that this one was upgraded to sports and that are crazy learning this. Of course, military men really need this one because of the nature of their job. Men and women are learning this martial arts not to be called strong but to be able to protect themselves and others. In this age, people engage themselves in sports.

Rather than boxing and kicking, life is full of colors and beauty. This is why it is called martial arts because it is a form of art. Art for what? Making movements of hands or feet? Literally! But you will realize that martial arts will help you how important is solving the kicks and punches of life. In this art, you know well how to defend, what about defending the troubles and sorrows in life?

There should also be a solution right? Just as you know which part to kick or punch, you should also know which way you should go and which path you choose. You are making your life artistic by making yourself colorful and bright.

In playing martial arts, you need courage to fight, right? Beyond this, you need courage to fight back against cruelty of life so you can be found successful person in the future, true to the saying that winners never quit.