If you play martial arts, what do you develop? Actually you develop almost everything in your life. Except your spiritual life because this has nothing to do with your salvation.

This develops your physical appearance. Have you ever seen a martial arts player who is stout? The answer is obvious. This is why playing martial arts is good for those who are dreaming to have a good body. Aside from that, you will be healthy physically because you muscles are being stretched so your muscle endurance are being trained to be more firm for a better functioning of the body.

This develops your emotions. Martial arts is very necessary for training you to be emotionally stable and strong. People who play martial arts have a strong heart when seeing things or loosing things. They can stand firm on their own. They are trained to stand on their own without depending on someone so they can manage things by themselves.

This develops you mentally. Mental development is the most amazing development in martial arts. Here, you will learn how to focus for every move, attack and defend. Your brain will be trained to solve problem in this situation. It is actually good to know the things that you are lacking in so that you will learn what to do next time. Doing martial arts is not for championship only but for your health. There are many people saying that they do not learn to martial arts because they do not need it.

Martial arts will help us to me more happy and collaborative.